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Just for March I am offering a 10% discount off ZorbNight Pads.  If you would like a pad in a different fabric to those available then select the custom listing option within the store – the discount will still apply for your custom order!  Visit my flckr page to browse my fabric range – http://www.flickr.com/photos/httpwwwclothcyclecomphotos/

Zorb is fantastic for heavy or overnight use.  One layer of Zorb is equal in absorbancy to 5 layers of cotton flannel or 2.5 layers of cotton fleece!  The ZorbNight Pads contain 2 (bevelled) layers of Zorb with a lining of PUL for leak protection.

Visit the Clothcycle Cloth Pad Shop to purchase http://au.clothpadshop.com/store_about/38

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