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I am so pleased with my first attempt at dyeing with Procion dyes.  It took some time and a little help from my hubby who has some experience with dyeing, but the finished product looks just fabulous!  I wish I had one of those large agitator washing machines to make the whole process so much easier. Alas no space in our little house which is already bursting at the seams.

If you have taken a look at my shops you can see that I am a fan of Bamboo Flannel, its so soft and I think one of the best facings for a pad, but I felt very limited by just having cream all the time – so I had to have a go at dyeing.

These pads are my first creations from this dye stock and I have also made some Night Pads backed in Beetles Bugs and Butterflies Fleece (which is already listed) and Pink Meadow Daisy which I have yet to photograph/list.  Going to try a nice dark green next… or maybe black…

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My new Night Pad is available from today.  I really love the print on the backing of this pad.  Do you think it is a Leopard or Cheetah?  It was called a cheetah print but after some googling we decided it looked more like a Leopard.

If you would like to receive my 5% discount code for purchase of this pad via the Cloth Pad Shop, visit my facebook page  http://www.facebook.com/Clothcyclefemininewear – the code can be found there!

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This pad set has one heavy absorbancy cloth pad paired with 2 panty liners.  Little pink frogs on lily pads feature on the backing of all 3 pads.  Soft Bamboo Velour faces the large pad and marbled coral pink flannel tops the pantyliners.  Available now at the cloth pad shop and etsy stores.

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Dr Suess stories are always a favourite in our house so I thought I might put these loveable characters on a pad 🙂  These pads are of heavy absorbancy with 2 layers of Organic Hemp Fleece and a layer of Organic Cotton Fleece.  They are faced with Bamboo Flannel, which is so soft and comfortable.

This design is a slight variation on the Fantail and of course no Zorb, just to prove that I am not a pure Zorbist!

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Buy a trio set and save $2 on your purchase!

There is also a discount on custom liner sets instore (singles $7,) trios -$20, set of 4 – $26.40, set of 5 – $33

All discounts available right now at Clothcycle Cloth Pad Shop Australia http://au.clothcycle.clothpadshop.com

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Peace Flower thong/g-string pantyliners are now available for purchase.  They can also be worn with standard underwear, measuring just 5.5cm or 2″ at the snap when closed with a length of 15cm/6″.

In keeping with the hippys and rainbow theme at the Cloth Pad Shop, they have a backing of colourful Peace Flower quilters cotton.   This print is a limited edition, so grab some quick while they are still available!

There is something a little different about the core of these pantyliners too, it is made from Organic Hemp Fleece (55% Hemp and 45% Organic Cotton) and cotton flannel.  Hemp is very absorbant, becomes softer with age and is extremely durable.  The Bamboo Velour facing is soft ++, so comfortable.


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Congratulations Aprile Nichole Bukhari!  You are the lucky winner of these beautiful pantyliners. They will be winging their way to you very soon 🙂

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