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This Fantail has a soft textured facing of pink cotton velour.  Use the Fantail pad for heavy periods of your cycle, overnight or during post-partum.

The pad core is made from a layer of Zorb and Bamboo Fleece.  Zorb uptakes fluids quickly into the core from the pad surface.  The bamboo fleece has excellent capacity (is 60% more absorbent than cotton alone), and accepts fluids at a slower rate, drawing from the Zorb which overlays it.

What is Zorb?  Zorb is a made from a combination of natural and synthetic materials – tangled cellulose fibres from  bamboo, cotton, viscose and polymicrofibre.  Its appearance is similar to a quilt batting and it must be sandwiched between layers of fabric during any application.

Using a velour with a textured pile surface helps to grab the flow and draw it into the core of the pad.

pinkfantail 1

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These nursing pads are so soft and luxurious.  The contoured shape is discrete, comfortable and stable – fitting snugly in your bra cup.  Are you tired of finding your breast pads under your armpit or in your cleavage?  
Contoured pads will not wander or show through outer clothing!
These pads are made with an inner lining of either bamboo flannel or silky organic bamboo velour, so soft and comfortable for tender skin.  A layer of absorbent bamboo fleece lies underneath. The PUL exterior layer provides breathable protection from leakage.

A special coupon offer for multiple pairs is available

at the Clothcycle website

Buy 2 pairs for $18 by entering coupon code 2Pair at checkout
Buy 3 pairs for $25 by entering coupon code 3Pair at checkout
breastpads 10breastpads 11Bamboo Contoured Breast Pads

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I have been a very busy pad maker, creating lots more lovely pads over the weekend.  Also have restocked the bamboo liner trio, these are very popular …. if you are looking for a very absorbent, very soft pantyliner these are the go (pic below)

Bamboo beautiful trio set

Bamboo beautiful trio set

Thanks so much Jess Geerligs for this lovely review of the set!:

 Stop right here and look no further February 13, 2013
Reviewer: Jess Geerligs from Penrith, NSW Australia

I have spent hundreds of dollars on similar items. I was new to the reusable cloth pad scene and was not aware that there was a market out there, so I simply excepted the high cost of them and was a little disappointed by the results. Until I came across Cloth Cycle. You have reliable, comfortable and inexpensive reusable pads and I love them so much! The expensive ones make me feel like I’m wearing a nappy but these are so comfortable, light and soft I forget I’m wearing it!

Here are some new and some restocked pads that I made this weekend:

tenp-organicfriends4Organic Cotton Essential Night Pad 30cm





Organic Hemp Green Quartz Essential Night Pad 30cm








Standard Pad, Organic Hemp Green Quartz, 23cm

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Custom orders have been reopened.  Placing an order is easy either by selecting fabric choices given in each item or selecting the “leave request” option and writing a little note at checkout in the “order comments” section.

You can also request to have PUL added to pantyliners, customize core fabrics and create your own fabric combinations from the fabric gallery.

New instock  pantyliners (Enchanted)


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