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This Fantail has a soft textured facing of pink cotton velour.  Use the Fantail pad for heavy periods of your cycle, overnight or during post-partum.

The pad core is made from a layer of Zorb and Bamboo Fleece.  Zorb uptakes fluids quickly into the core from the pad surface.  The bamboo fleece has excellent capacity (is 60% more absorbent than cotton alone), and accepts fluids at a slower rate, drawing from the Zorb which overlays it.

What is Zorb?  Zorb is a made from a combination of natural and synthetic materials – tangled cellulose fibres from  bamboo, cotton, viscose and polymicrofibre.  Its appearance is similar to a quilt batting and it must be sandwiched between layers of fabric during any application.

Using a velour with a textured pile surface helps to grab the flow and draw it into the core of the pad.

pinkfantail 1

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