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dbwbfloriana3This weekend I have been concentrating on stocking up the Accessories area, which has been sadly lacking of recent times.

The double pocket Babushka wetbag has been re-stocked, and this lovely new double pocket wetbag has been added to the store.

The Bamboo Fauna wetbag is also back in stock… phew that zipper foot has been running on overtime!





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Who loves Friday? I know my husband does as he gets to spend all day with our lovely children while I go to work! In honour of Fridays use the coupon code HELIPAD this Friday to fly pads into your stash from the Clothcycle Pad Couture Closet with a 15% discount off your entire order !!

Coupon can not be used with another coupon and valid for use at www.clothcycle.com.au and Etsy stores

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