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Are you a menstrual cup user?  My daughter and I made the switch to using a menstrual cup approximately one year ago and we are so pleased to have “found” this fantastic alternative to tampons.  I say found as menstrual cups are not as yet a well known period product.  When I tell people that I sell menstrual cups, the first response is usually “What is that?… accompanied by a look of horror/confusion.  This response is understandable, as a menstrual cup does look much larger in diameter to a tampon, so its hard to see how such a thing could be comfortable at all.

In reality menstrual cups are very comfortable, I am not aware that I am wearing mine and have to remind myself to empty it throughout the day.  I did have to trim the stem of my cup initially – which not all women need to do – but is necessary for some as the stem should not be felt when worn.

The benefits of a cup are many including:

  • Not having to change as regularly as a tampon, as it holds more flow
  • Can wear the cup for up to 12 hours at a time depending on how heavy your flow is (the cup holds up to 30mls – this is alot when on average the total amount of flow is 90mls over your entire period)
  • No vaginal dryness
  • No waste or monthly costs – as is associated with disposable tampons
  • No risk of toxic shock syndrome – this is caused by tampons, particularly tampons containing synthetic viscose rayon.

If you are interested in using a menstrual cup, there is a wealth of information on the DivaCup website in regards to cup use – access via the following link: your first questions  

I use a pantyliner or sometimes one of my regular cloth pads as a back-up (sometimes at work I do not know how long its going to be between toilet breaks!).  I find that it does not leak at all, but as I remove the cup there can be a little bit of spotting left following its removal, so for this reason I wear a cloth pad.

Speaking of Cloth Pads, I have a couple of new products at the Cloth Pad Shop… I now have a trial set which contains one of each of the styles of pads in the Clothcycle range:

And wait there is more!  … some new Standard Pads in Natural Bamboo Velour and Citrus Flannel:

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Clothcycle store is now stocking the award winning DivaCup!

The DivaCup is an alternative to pads and tampons, providing you with complete freedom and can be worn for up to 12 hours.  I really appreciated my DivaCup recently on our camping trip, it was fantastic as it allowed me to still swim and not worry about changing pads or tampons for long periods of time.

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